Our Gender Equality Song Just Hit a Million Views!

Our Gender Equality Song Just Hit a Million Views!

Our latest song, about gender equality, just hit a million views! This is our most viewed video to date. The song is called The F Word: Feminism, and teaches us that the word feminism actually refers to gender equality, contrary to what many people assume. The video was directed by well-known Bollywood Director and YouTuber Rupan Bal, and features MC SKULE and IV Green.

Among those who messaged us saying they liked the video include a leader from Amnesty InternationalThe Daily Show‘s Roy Wood Jr., and professors from around the country. The popular online feminist community Being Feminist will be releasing an article about this song, including an interview with MC SKULE, on their website next month! Stay tuned and thank you for sharing the video!

The F Word: Feminism – Official Music Video

"Feminism" is a seemingly controversial word. This song by me and I.V. Green, directed by Rupan Bal, helps us understand that it is not what many people think. Feminism, or "gender equality", shouldn't be a political issue: it's for everyone. As the song says, "This issue isn't right or left; it's about right or wrong". Hope you enjoy!

Posted by MC SKULE on Monday, August 21, 2017